B l a c k    a n d    B l u e    p r e s e n t s
T h e  n e w  a l b u m  i n  s o l o  b y
"Claude Terranova is an architect of the present moment ,resolutely jazz-oriented. Most of the tracks on this live recording were made at a benefit concert for Amnesty International in Montreuil".
D i s t r i b u t i o n

"I'm not playing solo to follow a trend, or to show off my knowledge and technique, but because it is a way to create and explore other worlds.
This album is the reflection of moments of fragility, tenderness and emotions for which the "groove" and beauty of music have been my only motivation."


BB 681.2
English translation by Monique Delboy,
Annick Jeantet, J.& P. Kresser.